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Who are we?
Rebel Shave is a brand providing a Plastic-Free alternative to disposable razors.
WHY? Your planet is facing one the biggest challenges of our time…. PLASTIC WASTE! 
(Yes, Climate Change too but we will leave that to Greta!)
“Shaving has always been a big part of my life as a triathlete and I never found a razor I was satisfied with. Too costly, too much waste, nicks and cuts and half-shaved legs. Yes, shaved legs are faster ;) Always chasing the best, we decided to take matter into our own hands and create what was needed. 3 rules – It needs to shave for victory and be Eco-Friendly with a competitive price tag ” - Victor - Founder – REBEL SHAVE



Disposable razors and cartridge-heads are a big part of the problem as billions are being thrown away each year and end up in land fields. The mix of materials makes it impossible to recycle them.
The throw-away culture has got out of hand and we can all make a difference.
We believe that every plastic alternative we can make will help reduce our plastic waste and the impact we have on our planet.
It is time to take some action and help our planet. After all, we don’t have another one  
We have taken the sturdy and reusable Safety Razors you might have seen your grandpa use and redesigned them for our future and given them a cool and modern twist.
Compared to the disposable razor that is only meant to last for one shave, we have made a razor that will last a lifetime. A razor made of natural high-quality materials and redesigned it for your future.
Instead of the disposable razors multiple-blade system to make up for their lack of sharpness, our Safety Razors are used and easily replaced by a sharp, cost-effective Double Edge Razor Blade. You will only need to go over your skin once for an incredibly close shave, making this extremely pleasant for your skin (and wallet).
The Safety Razor is Back for The Future.
Your grandparents did not harm our planet by paying for overpriced products, to get the perfect shave. Now you can skip that too.


“People are always looking for a better and more affordable way to shave. More and more people are looking for a Plastic-Free alternative that last for many years. But it seemed like many of my friends were intimidated of the old school Safety Razor, thinking it’s a tool that only barbers use, and maybe the tree hugging hunks. Something needed to change. 

Personally I knew after using my Safety Razor for the first time, that I would never go back to plastic alternatives. I was amazed by how easy they were to use, and what an amazing shave it gives. My skin has never felt better.

Rebel Shave is your alternative to those nasty plastic razors. No matter what your gender is or what your shaving routine is, we want to encourage you to make the switch.

We will continue to design razors that will last a lifetime for our future” - Charlotte - Founder REBEL SHAVE


 Join us on this journey of a more sustainable life and shaving routine.

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